The History of Stull

Outside of Stull Equipment Company with Vehicles

Stull Enterprises, Inc., originally the Gash-Stull Company, was founded in 1918 in Chester, Pennsylvania, to distribute farm machinery manufactured by the Ford Motor Company. The relationship with Ford lasted an impressive 45 years which included Stull operating several car dealerships in addition to a very successful distribution business.

Due to Ford's decision in 1963 to discontinue sales through independent distributors, the first Stull Equipment Company division was formed to distribute outdoor power equipment. From 1963 until 1981, Stull participated in a multitude of industries while building a strong foundation in power equipment from its three locations in Chester, Pennsylvania, Beltsville, Maryland and Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Snowmobiles, household appliances, industrial machinery, heating and air conditioning, television and auto parts all contributed to Stull's considerable success during the 70's.

In 1981, further supplier changes brought about the merger of Stull Equipment Company into the Beltsville, Maryland operation. For ten years, Stull Enterprises concentrated solely on power equipment. Then on June 10, 1991, through an acquisition, Stull Equipment Company was born again as the Turf and Industrial Division of Stull Enterprises.

Operating from its Pottstown, Pennsylvania facility, Stull Equipment successfully expanded their overall market reach, while penetrating a growing customer base in the golf industry. Stull's expertise in the distribution of equipment was instrumental in developing Stull Equipment Company into a first class operation.

For 95 years, Stull Enterprises balanced the need to diversify and develop new opportunities with its core business. This quality provided an incredible staying power which now must come to an end. Due to numerous supplier defections, Stull Enterprises will cease operations at the end of 2013.

It will be with great appreciation that we remember all our employees and customers who fueled our business for all these years. Thank you and good-bye.